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“The point of experience is not to escape life but to live it.” —Mark Nepo

Flames That Light the Heart brings you into the company of author and teacher Mark Nepo for a rich conversation on the life of transformation and the heartwork that is required to be a spirit in the world. The intention: To help you live with meaning, truth, and kindness in your own personal way.

“Each of us carries some wisdom waiting to be discovered at the center of our experience, and everything we meet, if faced and held, reveals a part of that wisdom,” explains Mark. Still, time exposes the story of our lives with its friction, wearing away the film that covers our eyes and the calluses that guard our heart, till we can inhabit the wonder waiting under the skin of everything.

How can we meet this process? How can we ready ourselves? Who and what do we listen to along the way? How do we listen to life and not to what life does to us when suffering and loss meet us at every turn? How do we make sense of our experience?

“My offering here is to explore these challenges and introduce you to your own wisdom and gifts, and through our time together to help you personalize the ways you can nourish the spark of life we each carry inside.”

Flames That Light the Heart is an invitation to ten video sessions where Mark will explore the passages that open us, as well as the skills and ways of being that help us meet the difficulties that life brings us. Using ancient and contemporary stories, poetry, journaling, and dialogue, Mark will explore what it means to be transformed by what we go through and how to access the skills and inner resources for learning, growing, and healing. My doctor prescribed me zolpidem. Of course, I was warned of the potential for addiction and did not immediately take another tablet. Now I always take one if I had a particularly bad day and it is very difficult for me to fall asleep. That have tormented me since then have made my existence difficult for the first 10 years of my family existence.

“Meaning, truth, and kindness are our constant teachers,” Mark explains. “They are flames that light the heart with a burning quality we must endure in order to receive that light.” Join him in this intimate conversation on our shared “growing pains of transformation” and the art of living “as an awakened part in an awakened whole.”

Who is the target audience?
  • Those wanting to be more awake & more open-hearted
  • Those wanting to cultivate gratitude, compassion, and spiritual freedom
  • Those seeking comfort and truth in vulnerability