The Little Book of Awakening

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The Book of Awakening has become a modern classic, a spiritual guide for living in hard times and good times that speaks to the hearts of hundreds of thousands of readers. Now, this spiritual favorite, chosen as one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things, is available in a special pocket-sized jacketed hardcover edition, perfect for the gift-giving season.

The Little Book of Awakening takes some of the very best wisdom from The Book of Awakening and distills it into a set of weekly readings. Each week explores a theme, such as abundance, awareness, blessing, interdependence, presence, opportunity, being heard, being real, and facing our suffering. Nepo writes about spirit and friendship, urging readers to stay vital and in love with life, no matter the hardships. Encompassing many traditions and voices, his words offer insight on pain, wonder, and love.

The Little Book of Awakening is the ideal inspirational gift for any occasion.



Mark Nepo’s work is as gentle and reliable as the tides, and as courageous as anyone I’ve known in looking deeply into the mysteries of the self.

—Michael J. Mahoney, author of Human Change Processes and Constructive Psychotheraphy


Each of us is the repository of an inexhaustible wisdom, which each of us nonetheless regularly forgets. Over and over we require reminding of the many paths toward our own true home in our bodies, in our loves and friendships, and in this earth we share with others. The Book of Awakening is filled with a reminding wisdom both gathered from others and harvested from Mark Nepo’s own life. Each entry in this capacious and tender daybook widens both the eyes and the heart.

Jane Hirshfield, author of Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry and After

In The Book of Awakening, poet and philosopher Mark Nepo gives us the chance to re-examine our lives and find a depth, significance, and beauty that we may not have noticed before. A year’s supply of wise and shining thoughts to be taken, one a day, like vitamins for the soul.

Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D., author of Kitchen Table Wisdom