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Letting Go, a video post by Michele McHall

Michele’s vlog: The Power of Heart Intelligence

Our hearts are the meaning maker in our lives and if we are to be genuinely engaged and motivated, we must listen to our hearts.

Michele McHall video: Working Together Can Be More Like Jazz!

In this clip, Michele talks about how her work with teams and groups in awakening their Spirit, Heart, Mind, and Body intelligences, or Whole IQ, leads to greater creativity and collaboration.

Michele McHall video: What is the Whole IQ?

In this clip, Michele talks about the connection between awakening the Whole IQ: Spirit, Heart, Mind, and Body intelligences and the relationship to the four quadrants in our brain. As we develop our awareness and capacity to understand and live from the whole brain, we generate more connections, possibilities and intimacy because we are less likely to be entrenched by strength our dominant intelligence or submerged in the reactivity of our more vulnerable ones.