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Mark talks about “Holding Nothing Back,” the subject of his new CD set with Sounds True

Foreign editions of The Book of Awakening

Top, left to right: Dutch, Italian, Slovenian, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish, Bulgarian, French

Mark in conversation with Marianna Caccaitore

The Journey of Awakening: Conversation with Mark Nepo

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A poem from the interview:

Winter Confession
I’ve tried to follow every wind and
listen for its source. I’ve tried to follow
every light, and with my face in the sun,
all the things we carry that are afraid of
the light scurry to the back of my mind.
I’ve tried to find the truth and when I
have, I’ve found it’s everywhere, and that
I step over it in my pain or want for some-
thing I can’t have. Thankfully there have
been ordinary blessings. When I followed
your presence into what would be our love.
When I took a left in the path that led to
the sea and stayed there for days, putting
down all the names I’d been given. How
months later, while dropping a book of
poems by George Seferis, a wet clump
of grass stained his instruction to speak
plainly. And the small light that brought
me back while I was in surgery. It was a
crack of dawn promising so much, if I
could just get up and walk beyond death’s
slim tree. And here I am, all these years
later, mouth open, still in awe. Yesterday,
in the pines, my dog put her nose in the
snow. What a teacher. I slipped to one
knee and did the same.

The One Conversation

In the interviews I’ve been blessed to have with Oprah, we seem to enter what I would call the “One Conversation,” the one ongoing story of how we spend our time on earth. All our lives contribute to this conversation. All our stories contribute to the one ongoing story. Let me share some reflections on where that conversation has been taking me.

I keep returning to the ever-present riddle, that being who we are is the necessary adventure. It unlocks everything, not because our self is so important but because our essential nature that our self carries is the immediate doorway to everything that is life-sustaining. We learn early on that being who we are means fending off unwanted influence without cutting ourselves off from the chance to learn from others. Regardless of the culture we are born into, it isn’t long after we arrive that everyone starts pointing and telling us where we need to be and what we need to do to get there. There’s no time to really ask why. Soon, things happen and we are thrown off course and now there’s all this effort to win their approval, no matter who “they” are. If lucky, love will distract us more than suffering. If blessed, we are broken of everyone’s plans and regrets and thrown like a hooded bird into a sea of light. If trusting the fall, we find our wings.

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An Interview with Marianna Cacciatore and Mark Nepo

Bread for the Journey R A D I O presents:

Mark Nepo ~ Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have
Saturday, December 10 @ 9am Pacific Time
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Join your host Marianna Cacciatore as she interviews poet, teacher, and New York Times best selling author Mark Nepo.

Discover Your Deepest-Held Beliefs

Mark’s article appears on today:

Part of Oprah’s morning ritual is reading Mark Nepo’s Book of Awakening. So we asked him to explain how imperative it is to find the vitality that brings us all alive.

However we express it, staying connected to the sanctity of life is our deepest, most natural belief. Yet being human, we complicate ourselves away from what is life-giving and obvious. There are opinions everywhere, advice from people we love, and pressure from a world that barks at us to keep moving. How then do we discover our deepest-held belief? This is not like following a map but more like staying close to the air that will keep us alive. Part of the blessing and challenge of being human is that we must discover our own true nature. This is not some noble, abstract quest but an inner necessity. For, the way that birds fly in air and fish swim in water, our work while here becomes obvious once we find our natural element.

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Mark Nepo is a contributor to The Oprah Winfrey Show: Reflections on an American Legacy

Read the press release here.

The Oprah Winfrey Show: Reflections on an American Legacy

The full list of contributors includes:
•Maya Angelou, who writes the foreword
•Bono and Nicholas Kristof writing on giving and social action
•Ellen DeGeneres, Stanley Crouch, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., writing on equality
•Julia Roberts and Diane von Furstenberg writing on culture and style
•Toni Morrison and Elie Wiesel writing on books
•Maria Shriver and Gloria Steinem writing on women’s issues
•Dr. Phil McGraw, Mark Nepo, and Marianne Williamson writing on spirit and personal growth
•Bob Greene and Dr. Mehmet Oz writing on health and wellness
•John Travolta and Phil Donahue contributing tributes to Ms. Winfrey

An interview with Michele McHall

Michele was interviewed by relationship activist, expert, and coach Maryanne Comaroto, on Tuesday, July 12th. Visit and click on Listen Live in the Radio Shows section on the left-hand side to listen to the recording.

The show will encore on Tuesday, July 19th, at 10 pm PST, and will be archived under Michele McHall on forever.

Mark’s new audio books are now available!

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Soul Series archive now available

Mark Nepo’s conversations with Oprah on her “Soul Series” radio show are now archived online. Listen to clips of Mark and Oprah’s inspiring conversation here.