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Our Hands

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The word authentic comes from the Greek authentes. It means “bearing the mark of the hands.” This original meaning tells us that to be authentic mean being hands-on. It’s through our hands and through the life of touch and honest engagement that we learn and grow.

Our Hands

Sometimes, with no warning, we suffer

an earthquake and have to remake the

earth beneath us. Someone we love may

leave or die or think us cruel when we are

kind. Sometimes the tools we need break

or are stolen or simply stop working and

we have to invent some more. Sometimes

it feels like we can’t get through. That the

phone won’t get reception. And the com-

puter gets all jammed And sometimes what

gets through is partial and misunderstood.

It is then we are forced to go barefoot and

re-find our hands. Sometimes we are asked

to drift away from the crowd in order

to be found by what we love.


A Question to Walk With: Tell the story of one thing you learned by using your hands.


Mark’s view from Cortes Island at Hollyhock this morning. Wishing him and his participants a wonderful and fulfilling weekend on the topic of Staying Awake.


As Far As the Heart Can See audio sample


The Book of Awakening is Hoda’s favorite thing!

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Get a taste of Robert’s class

Your Heroic Journey started yesterday and it was an inspiring and thought-provoking class. Here’s a little sampling of Robert talking about how the experience of poetry mirrors the classic hero’s journey. We’ll be posting small excerpts from the class from week to week.

Oprah interviews Mark Nepo—6/28 and 7/4—don’t miss it!

Huge news! Mark recently sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey at Harpo Studios in Chicago for Oprah’s Soul Series on SIRIUS XM Radio, Channel 156.

You can listen by tuning into SIRIUS on Monday, 6/28/10 @ 11am and 4pm ET and again on Sunday, 7/4/10 at NOON ET.

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Clips from the interview will also be posted on following the interview. Click here for more information.

I Shout Their Names

I’m at an age where those I’ve known
for years are dying. Some go quick, like
snow on a warm day. Some more slowly;
as if every week is a tide that takes them
farther and farther away.

To lose someone you know is to be
seized by an invisible hand that pulls
a clump of earth from your heart.

Only after months is it possible to
realize—there is more room to feel.
Now I see your faces in the knots of
trees and chase leaves because I some-
how think they hold things you
meant to say. Now I cry at garlic
bread because you loved its smell.

Perhaps this is your gift to us:
to take up space so far in that
when you go, you empty us out.

And in our grief, we look for you
everywhere till against our will
we rediscover the world.