The Book of Awakening

The Book of Awakening 20th Anniversary edition is now available, with a new Foreword by Jamie Lee Curtis


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The Book of Awakening was a finalist for the 2000 Books for a Better Life Award and was cited by Spirituality & Health Magazine as one of the Best Spiritual Books of 2000. I want to thank for the excellent quality of the medication and fast delivery. I was very surprised to see the delivery guy only a day after I’ve placed an order. By the way, it’s nice that you accept payments through PayPal. I’m absolutely satisfied with this experience. I guess this is not the last time I buy from you. Thanks again! The Book of Awakening hit #1 on The New York Times bestseller list in January 2011, catapaulted to fame in 2010 after it was chosen as one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things. It is now popular gift book that launched the idea for The Little Book of Awakening.

Nepo calls it, “a book to help people meet their days and inhabit their lives. I had a commitment to create a book that could serve up inner food, that could be turned to as a spiritual first-aid kit.” That this book continued to find its readers affirms its quality as a life affirming companion. Again, in Nepo’s workds, “I think it confirms the yearning of people everywhere for meaningful and humble work that invites readers on a journey together. The premise of the book is that people everywhere have a wisdom of their own and the book is there to guide them to their own wisdom.”



“A year’s supply of inspiration everyday and the perfect gift for yourself and your friends.”
Oprah Winfrey


“There was one book that transformed my life and that book is The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo. The river of life is wide and the journey we make together is made so much more beautiful, important, and moving when our lives are linked by this book.” ―Jamie Lee Curtis, from the Foreword


“Mark Nepo has written a beautiful book about life, informed by the shadows of death. I’ve been blessed and humbled by reading his words.” —Marianne Williamson


“Mark Nepo is a true poetic empath, taking us on a 365 day-by-day journey. And no matter what day, or whatever you’re going through—like magic—you will find his words will speak to your exact situation, which at that moment instills in the reader an instant feeling of lightness, solace, warmth, and understanding. Pick this book up, again and again and again, and it will do the same for you.” —Steven Tyler 


“Mark Nepo’s writing creates echoes in our hearts of what is true and of what we most cherish. Keep The Book of Awakening close by, and dip in whenever you want to nourish your spirit.”
Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance and Radical Compassion


“Mark Nepo is one of the finest spiritual guides of our time and The Book of Awakening is one of the finest fruits of his spirit. His poetic gift shows through on every page, and his own courageous journey from near-death to new life breathes truth into every word he writes. This book is a gift of love. Open the gift—and open yourself to it—and you, like I, will be filled with gratitude and graced with renewal.”

Parker J. Palmer, author of A Hidden Wholeness and The Courage to Teach


“Mark Nepo is an astonishing poet and teacher. He generously comforts us while guiding us toward the deep, quiet river of wisdom that saturates each and every day of our lives. Mark is a loving, devoted companion who helps us feel and see and listen to a breathtaking beauty that is alive and vibrant, deeper than language. He gently and patiently leads us beside still waters; wherever we follow him, we discover we have been blessed.”
Wayne Muller, author of Sabbath and How, Then, Shall We Live?